Менеджер по развитию (клиники, СПА-отель)
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Пантюхова Марианна

Менеджер по развитию (клиники, СПА-отель)

Киев • 40 лет • 15 000 ₴

Director of Development and the opening of the clinic в Мedical cosmetology clinic VIVA ESTE

6 месяцев

Director of Development в Medical Cosmetology Center Sensavi

2 года 4 месяца

Manager Spa в Salon Royal Beauty Club

3 года 7 месяцев

Team leader Housekeeping department в Hyatt Regency Kiev

2 года

Assistant GM & CBD department в Procter & Gamble Ukraine, Kiev

9 месяцев

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Ключевая информация:

The monthly increase in sales of hospital services by introducing promotions on the site, in the social. networks, cross-marketing professionals, sales after procedural home care, the introduction of new demanded services (surgery), recruiting professionals: surgeons, dermatologists, and thereby increase the monthly gross proceeds Clinic 100 000 UAH.

Опыт работы:

  • Director of Development and the opening of the clinic

    июля 2016 - янв. 2017

    Мedical cosmetology clinic VIVA ESTE

    The opening of the second branch of the medical clinic:

    • Recruitment and training standards of service in the clinic: dermatologists, oncologists, surgeons, administrators, masseurs
    • Education administrators:

    training on the standards of service in the clinic

    training on effective sales

    training in clinical product (especially procedures)

    Beauty Pro program training

    training for primary accounting (invoices, expense)

    • Keeping the clinic in the Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram, Youtube, Google +. Writing advertising posts and competitions, paid advertising.
    • Filling the clinic site: writing articles, promotional materials, development of advertising banners in conjunction website, social network, a banner at the reception and the offices in the clinic.
    • Sales program for increase in the amount of average check clinic (bonus deposits, shares 1 + 1, sale of cosmetics for home care, cross-marketing to employees.
    • Keeping board for employees: employee of the month, the development of motivation for specialists (sales plans,% of sales in the past month)
    • Organization of the Open Day clinic: advertising the opening day at the clinic: site (Google Adwords), in the social. networks, local forums, host, event scenario.

  • Director of Development

    нояб. 2013 - марта 2016

    Medical Cosmetology Center Sensavi

    • Purchases of materials to the clinic and professional cosmetics and medicine for doctors at the clinic.
    • Recruitment for the clinic: doctors, administrators, massage therapists, chiropodists, those. staff. 
    • Development of motivation system for employees.
    • Primary accounting, the arrival of the goods.
    • Inventory at the end of the month.
    • Promotions clinics: website, social. network, promotional materials at the reception, motivation for employees.
    • Keeping the clinic site: articles, stock updates, contextual advertising.
    • Hospital Management in social networks: daily posts useful information on subjects, clinical events, corporate life clinic.
    • Corporate cooperation with related companies (dental clinics, insurance, fitness centers, tour. Agency).

  • Manager Spa

    апр. 2010 - нояб. 2013

    Salon Royal Beauty Club

    • Financial reports.
    • Training of personnel.
    • Supply chain management.
    • Develop a system of discounts, loyalty programs.
    • Working with a customer base.
    • Purchase of professional cosmetics for masters.
    • Purchase of consumables and household materials.
    • Manager Phyto bar.
    • Cooperation with hotels, magazines and websites on advertising.
    • Introduction of new procedures.

  • Team leader Housekeeping department

    апр. 2007 - апр. 2009

    Hyatt Regency Kiev

    • Formation and distribution task for the maid.
    • Checking rooms.
    • Resolving conflict situations on the shift.

    Communication with all departments of the hotel.

  • Assistant GM & CBD department

    июля 2001 - апр. 2002

    Procter & Gamble Ukraine, Kiev

    • Sale reports.
    • Booking tickets, hotels for CBD and General Manager.
    • Presentation for GM.
    • Translation of documents and negotiations.
    • Meetings of the New Year and etc.
    • Cost reports/ Travel expenses of GM.


  • Kiev University of Technology and Design (Киев)

    Год окончания 2001



Владение языками:

  • Английский - свободно;
  • Немецкий - базовый;
  • Украинский - родной.

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