Химик, Менеджер
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Викторова Ирина

Химик, Менеджер

Львов • 29 лет

Сhemist в Enamine Ltd

6 лет 1 месяц

Project Manager в Lviv Polytechnic National University

1 месяц

Chemist в Organisch-chemisches Institut, Munster

2 месяца

Chemist в University of Oxford

9 месяцев
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Ключевая информация:

  • I have some relevant experience in organic laboratory synthesis as I had been working for 4 years for the Enamine Ltd company before I moved to Lviv. I am familiar with synthetic organic chemistry and a modern analysis of organic compounds. I have worked in various areas of synthetic organic chemistry;
  • English language level - Upper Intermediate;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office;
  • Attention to details and accuracy;
  • Ability to adhere to and meet deadlines;
  • Strong and organizational planning skills;
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

Опыт работы:

  • Сhemist

    марта 2013 - н/в

    Enamine Ltd

    • Synthetic organic chemistry with an emphasis on synthesis of sulfonyl chlorides (chlorsulfonic acid, methal organic (n/sec/t-BuLi, i-PrMgCl), diazotisation, chlorination reactions, etc); sulfamides, boronic acids, salts of unstable 2-pyridine boronic acids, Suzuki reactions etc.
    • Working with chemical databases, writing SI for papers etc. (a distance job since September 2016). 

  • Project Manager

    июля 2016 - авг. 2016

    Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Chemist

    февр. 2016 - апр. 2016

    Organisch-chemisches Institut, Munster

    The asymmetric synthesis of OCF3-proline derivatives.

  • Chemist

    янв. 2012 - окт. 2012

    University of Oxford

    Research: the asymmetric synthesis of tetrahydrofurans with application to natural product cores.


  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Kiev, Ukraine)

    Год окончания 2015

    Chemistry, chemistry department, PhD student
  • Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk national university (Dnipro)

    Год окончания 2013

    Оrganic chemistry, chemistry department, MS
  • American English Centre (Lviv)

    Год окончания 2017

    American English Center, the advanced level of instructions
  • American English Centre (Kiev, Ukraine)

    Год окончания 2014

    American English Center, the advanced level of instructions


Language skills:

  • English - upper intermediate (I can be interviewed in this language);
  • Russian - fluent (I can be interviewed in this language);
  • Ukrainian - fluent (I can be interviewed in this language).


  • 2016 - visiting Masters student, Organisch-chemisches Institut, Munster, Germany;
  • 2012 - visiting Masters student in University of Oxford (UK) sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Interests and Hobbies: puzzles, photography, science fiction, fitness, English. 

Objective: Looking for a job as a chemist or a manager (preference to positions that are relevant to organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry) in Lviv.